How to tell if a betting website is fake?

The Internet can turn out to be murky at some time but with proper knowledge, one can easily stay safe. When you talk about money, the question of security comes into the picture. Though the number of fake betting sites is a naught due to the vigilance of law enforcement agencies you can’t rule out the possibility. Before you go forward to sign up for the process, you need to follow certain basic steps to ensure the credibility of the site.


Every legal business needs permission from the law to operate. They are provided licenses to conduct their business. Usually, 1bet2u casino sportsbooks showcase their license numbers at the bottom, but it can be found also in other places of the site. You shall be able to find it in a couple of seconds.

Customer service:

Customer service is one of the features of a legal betting site. Legitimate betting sites offer customer support to its users, however, spoof sites will not have such a feature. To avoid detection, there would be no customer care. There may be a phone to ring but surely this is for showcase purposes and none will pick up.



Pay-outs on online betting sites is much faster than earlier times. It takes 2-3 days to receive your money. If the period of pay-out is more than usual, chances are that it is fake. It’s better to browse to a safer one.

Age & security:

Fake sites wouldn’t make it in the long run. They are made to rob you of the money and disappear. Check for the age of the site. You can use the WHOIS database to look for the age. Legitimate betting sites make sure that their sites are secure and hence will be having an SSL certificate that fake ones lack. Furthermore, if you spotted promotional offers that were too good to be true, don’t fall in. It’s usual for betting sites to offer promotional offers but if it’s beyond a limit, say it announces a 500% bonus, that’s your tip-off to back off.

Website design:

Ou can tell from the look of a website. Most of the fake sites are made in a hurry and will be riddled with errors. From missing pages to grammatical mistakes, you will spot them. On the contrary, legit sites are professional devoid of any mistake.

Rules and regulations:

Rules and regulations:

You won’t find any mention of rules and regulations on the websites. To evade responsibility, nothing would be mentioned. Also, make sure to check the reviews of the website. If it’s a fake one, you will get to know about it.


You don’t need deep knowledge about the internet to be able to tell fake and real. With little understanding and presence of mind, you should be able to spot one. With growing vigilance of the law enforcement on the internet, chances of landing on a fake betting site are real as most of them are shut down by the government but it’s good to play safe.

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