How Can You Avoid the Biggest Mistakes Made by Blackjack Players?

Not every casino game singapore sport betting has managed to garner fans; be it due to their complexity or low returns. While you visit a casino, you can surely see the games like blackjack, poker, roulette, and slots having heavy demand but other tables being nearly empty. Blackjack is among those names since it has an appealing factor that never fades away. Your chances to win is high at blackjack, but it does not come your way easily. Applying proper strategies will increase the profits, which is the step that most players fail to excel at. Heading to the tables without preparation and learning the strategy online sports betting singapore will lead you into making severe mistakes and consequently into reducing your odds of a win.


How can you identify such mistakes made by other players and learn from those? Unlike life experiences, you cannot afford to learn the right way of dealing it by making a mistake. You need to look for the steps to avoid falling into these traps in order to win big. Here are 3 of those biggest mistakes made by blackjack players.

1.      Inching Towards 21

The actual aim of the game is to beat the dealer, but some players still tend to believe that by getting closer to 21, they can accomplish the feat. Although getting close to 21 indeed improves your chance of winning, there are plenty of situations where you shouldn’t do it. When your upcard is 5, and you are 9 points away from 21, you would tend to make moves to approach 21. Novices are more likely to make this mistake, so be conscious of your moves and make sure to stand in such instances. By learning the basic strategies of the game, you will understand that it is important to play the dealer rather than scoring big. You will also have to learn the techniques to identify the stages of the game where you have to stand and where not to.

2.      Overlooking the Blackjack Strategy Chart

People tend to mistakes like standing on a number like 12 when the dealer’s upcard is 2 or 3. They also split a pair of 10s, refrain from splitting a pair of 8s, double down on 11 when the dealer shows an ace, hit on 11 when 10 is the upcard of the dealer, and stand on 18 when 9 is the dealer’s upcard. These mistakes are made because people forget to pay attention to the details of the game, and they do not check the strategy chart. Using the strategies for online blackjack is relatively easier when compared to the game in the land-based casinos.

Strategy Chart

3.      Going for the Blackjack Tables with Lousy Rules

Selecting tables is an important step to pass in order to win at the game. The ones with a good set of rules have to be checked and make sure to pick those. Try and avoid tables with 6:5 payouts since the house edge could be increased by 1.40%. Also, look for the number of decks used on the table. It is always best to play the single-deck blackjack since the 6-deck and 8-deck games could raise the house edge.

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